Monday, February 08, 2010

New way at looking at things

The most important of my knitting goals for 2010, is to continue my process of knitting up some of my old stash yarn, trying to see new opportunities in the stash, AND be better at “just doing it” – every little project doesn’t require detail planning, and there is always a recipient for a baby sweater or a hat. I don’t like not having anything to knit while watching TV, for instance, so I need some “go to” alternatives, as in just picking up a skein and knit something.

All of these goals combined, resulted in starting a “bestefargenser” (“grandpa sweater” – basically just a plain long sleeved sweater with a centre front button placket) from the Norwegian book Strikk til Nøstebarn (Christmas present!).


I’m using the leftover yarn from my Serafia’s vinter top, and hoping I’ll have enough. The pattern says 60 grams for the smallest size, I have a little less than a 50 gram skein, so I’ll knit the sleeves top down in the end. I do have some matching yarn in denim blue that I could use for stripes on the sleeves.

This, and other Nøstebarn patterns, seems like great “canvas patterns” that can be styled in a lot of different ways. I especially like Murf’s version of this and other basic Nøstebarn patterns.


I am also doing some test knitting for Leethal, it’s a fun project but NOT really mindless, so I started a game knitting hat while watching Flash Forward yesterday. Game knitting is REALLY great for meeting my goals too!


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  1. Ooo, linking til mine prosjekter, takker for skryt! :) Og ja, jeg er glad i Nøstebarnoppskriftene til sånne basicplagg, de er lette å lage egne versjoner på selv.