Thursday, June 26, 2008

Discontinued yarn!

On my way to work on Tuesday, I decided to stop by Bette Design on Klosterstræde, to see if she had anything left of the Drops yarn Highlander, that is being discontinued.

It's a very unique kind of yarn, it looks kind of felted, and I'm hoping it is able to keep some of the Danish wind out. All the mittens and gloves I had from Norway are almost of no use here, the wind goes straight through. The exceptions being a pair of felted mittens and a pair that are lined.

She had a lot of the yarn left, so I got the colours I wanted. I got four skeins of brown, for the Martin Luther hat from the Danish book "Hippe huer, hatte og kasketter til ham og hende",
and a pair of mittens to match -

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two skeins yellow-green for a crocheted Drops neckwarmer (I have a skein of Vienna in Norway, that I think is the right colour to match, but if not I'll have to go back to the store to get some, as that colour is discontinued also!).

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The three blue skeins is probably going to be a vest similar to this on Ravelry. It's this Drops pattern, but it looks quite different in Highlander.


It's kind of funny how my blog makes it look like I'm this huuuge Drops-fan. In fact I have only made one pattern. I guess I'm just in that mood right now... Plus the yarns on sale helps, of course...

Saturday, June 21, 2008

DROPS fall winter 2008

Inspired by gaffah , my favourites from the new DROPS pattern release.


I hope to knit at least the vertical striped cardigan FA051 (bottom left) and the 'fair isle'-cardigan Z338 (bottom right).

The patterns can be found here (eventually).

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Summer organizing


My yarn and knitting supplies were slowly taking over the space around the sofa in our living room. Yesterday, I decided to remove all yarn that's is not part of a WIP out of the living room knitting basket and into the 'yarn space' in the bedroom. It was kind of a relief, and I got quite motivated to finish some of the WIPS - the Vest from Feminin Strik, that I started last summer, have almost finished the back but it might be to big - the wrap-around shawl from Designstrik, not awfully challenging but great for lectures or in between projects- the Heirloom bag that is missing the crochet decor and lining, and the pink tabi socks that I got tired of but I want to finish them to wear them this summer. I also found a couple of finished projects that haven't been photographed or added to Ravelry...

Today, I finally had time to sew a long awaited organizer for my circular knitting needles. It can hold 24 sets of circulars. Currently, there is around 14 sets, but I think there is a few more laying around and a couple in use. I'm very pleased with how it turned out, and I'm sure it will be used a lot.

I now have a complete set of needle organizers. The circular needle organizer matches the rolls I made for my crochet hooks and double pointed needles back in February.

I have been playing with the thought of making a couple of 'project needle organizers' - smaller organizers that are carried along with WIPS and can hold two sets of circulars, two sets of dpns, and maybe a few notions like a pen, notebook, scissors and measuring tape. Hopefully, I will manage to make one or two during the summer.

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Yesterday I was also finally back at Café Retro for knitting night. I have been so busy with the bachelor project that I almost haven't have time to knit at all (although I have made a vest and a sweater..!), and I hadn't been to Café Retro for more than a month. It was good to be back, and I had a soft start, since we were only four yesterday. I was knitting on my swatch for Serafias Vinter, (which I had ordered more than a month ago, and finally got it the day I finished school - they probably knew I would have time to start it sooner...) and crocheting the first flower for my Heirloom bag, that have been in hibernation since Autumn.

Unfortunately, I will be working several coming Tuesdays, so I don't know when I will get to go next. There's nothing wrong with coming directly from work covered in paint and glitter, I suppose, so I might do that when I'm off early.

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