Sunday, September 28, 2008

Considering new project(s)

As I finished Serafias Vinter Friday night (sprained my ankle on Thursday and got some extra knitting time!), and blocked it yesterday (pictures are coming!), I have started looking for a new project. I have been going through my ravelry queue, which is far to large, but I try to keep the first page (20-30 patterns) fairly accurate, with patterns I am quite sure that I will make in the foreseeable future. One of the smaller crochet projects are earmarked for the plane flight to Gran Canaria in November, though (no knitting needles from Copenhagen, unfortunately...).

I also have a few patterns not in my ravelry queue. A couple of weeks ago, Danish magazine Hendes Verden (meaning "Her World"), came with a small pattern book, with updated versions of vintage patterns from their database. I don't usually buy the magazine, but from time to time they do have these knitting brochures enclosed, and they usually have a couple of cute patterns.

These are my favourites from the 'Klassisk Vintage Strik' issue. I am considering making the cape next, but I'm not really sure if I have any suitable yarn, and I should really be knitting from my stash at the moment.

I was going to make my bf a helmetliner, but he seems kind of 'meh' at the opportunities that I'm showing him. I would like one for myself too, but would probably like one more like this or this - as I would like to be able to use different kinds of hats with it. It's really cold when biking during late fall and winter (I usually buy a bus pas from around November to February though, don't like to take risks in ice and snow) - and my nose and face can get totally frozen in the Danish winds.

I would rather make something prettier/more exiting, though, like Bottoms up in linen yarn, or Wicked - I was thinking of unravelling my purple Phildar vest for that... But both of them feels a little overwhelming at the moment, so I really don't know where to start. I guess I could make this pretty scarf, in the leftover yarn from Serafia, but I think I'll get bored using the same yarn...even though it does smell delicious!

I would be really happy for suggestions and inspiration from you!

Monday, September 22, 2008

Summer socks in a fall garden - or was it the other way around

I had almost forgotten that I'd had a photo shoot for my Summery socks (well they are maybe more like fall socks now that I think about it, aren't they?) a couple of weeks ago. I was back home in Norway for a friend's wedding, wove in the ends of the socks on the flight up, and then literally took my new socks for a walk in our summer house garden.

It's my first time photographing socks (the cable footies doesn't really count, as I didn't really put any effort into those photos), so I had to try out some different things.

The socks were made with the Knitty toe-up-generator, as I only had one skein of the variegated yarn, I figured toe-up was the way to go. The pattern was good, and I know a short row toe and heel by heart now (had to redo the first toe a couple of times, as I wasn't paying attention). I'll probably use the pattern again, when I need a mindless, portable project.
The socks turned out a little looser than I would have hoped, even though I swatched and everything. Hopefully a wash will help. I should probably measure the gauge on the actual socks, to see if anything's changed from the gauge swatch.
The yarn, Filacolana Arwetta, is really soft and I think the colours are kinda cool, even though the pooling is a bit weird. Now I'm on the lookout for REAL self-striping yarn, as in will turn out stripy. I have actually bought a few packs of Kool Aid from, so I might try my hand on some self striping myself one day.

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Serafias Vinter - progress at last

I have been knitting a lot on my Serafias Vinter lately, I was stuck for a while not knowing when to finish the rib - the pattern said to knit rib with maximum one skein of yarn - but at 18 cm I still had half a skein left ad didn't really know how to continue. I talked to the designer, who luckily was able to help me out. After I was done with the ever-lasting rib the project has been so much more motivating, I can really see it growing now! I usually only manage about 3 or 4 rows during a movie - but as the rows are getting shorter, they are fortunately also getting quicker, I have about 30 rows left now, I think.

And I was wearing my brown vest out on Friday, sushi night with friends. Enjoy the action shot!

The necklace I am wearing was custom made for me by Henriette Hastrup. It was a bachelor degree present from my boyfriend!

New banner!

I've finally finished my blog banner. The colour scheme has been present for a while now, and I started the banner to go with it in the beginning of my summer holidays. The cat and yarn was drawn in Adobe Illustrator.

"Fft fft" is how an alley cat (kitten) speaks, according to the Aristocats (in the Norwegian version, at least).

I'm not 100% sure about the text colour, but it'll stay like that for a while.

Hope you like it!