Sunday, September 28, 2008

Considering new project(s)

As I finished Serafias Vinter Friday night (sprained my ankle on Thursday and got some extra knitting time!), and blocked it yesterday (pictures are coming!), I have started looking for a new project. I have been going through my ravelry queue, which is far to large, but I try to keep the first page (20-30 patterns) fairly accurate, with patterns I am quite sure that I will make in the foreseeable future. One of the smaller crochet projects are earmarked for the plane flight to Gran Canaria in November, though (no knitting needles from Copenhagen, unfortunately...).

I also have a few patterns not in my ravelry queue. A couple of weeks ago, Danish magazine Hendes Verden (meaning "Her World"), came with a small pattern book, with updated versions of vintage patterns from their database. I don't usually buy the magazine, but from time to time they do have these knitting brochures enclosed, and they usually have a couple of cute patterns.

These are my favourites from the 'Klassisk Vintage Strik' issue. I am considering making the cape next, but I'm not really sure if I have any suitable yarn, and I should really be knitting from my stash at the moment.

I was going to make my bf a helmetliner, but he seems kind of 'meh' at the opportunities that I'm showing him. I would like one for myself too, but would probably like one more like this or this - as I would like to be able to use different kinds of hats with it. It's really cold when biking during late fall and winter (I usually buy a bus pas from around November to February though, don't like to take risks in ice and snow) - and my nose and face can get totally frozen in the Danish winds.

I would rather make something prettier/more exiting, though, like Bottoms up in linen yarn, or Wicked - I was thinking of unravelling my purple Phildar vest for that... But both of them feels a little overwhelming at the moment, so I really don't know where to start. I guess I could make this pretty scarf, in the leftover yarn from Serafia, but I think I'll get bored using the same yarn...even though it does smell delicious!

I would be really happy for suggestions and inspiration from you!


  1. Well... når jeg går i "strikkekoma" ender jeg altid med at lave enten et tørklæde eller en hue - hurtige og nemme projekter. Du ku fx. prøve Hermione huen eller Luna lovegood scarf, som jeg selv lige har lavet - begge fra ravelry og suuuper nemme.

    btw. eeeelsker dit banner ;-)