Monday, September 22, 2008

Summer socks in a fall garden - or was it the other way around

I had almost forgotten that I'd had a photo shoot for my Summery socks (well they are maybe more like fall socks now that I think about it, aren't they?) a couple of weeks ago. I was back home in Norway for a friend's wedding, wove in the ends of the socks on the flight up, and then literally took my new socks for a walk in our summer house garden.

It's my first time photographing socks (the cable footies doesn't really count, as I didn't really put any effort into those photos), so I had to try out some different things.

The socks were made with the Knitty toe-up-generator, as I only had one skein of the variegated yarn, I figured toe-up was the way to go. The pattern was good, and I know a short row toe and heel by heart now (had to redo the first toe a couple of times, as I wasn't paying attention). I'll probably use the pattern again, when I need a mindless, portable project.
The socks turned out a little looser than I would have hoped, even though I swatched and everything. Hopefully a wash will help. I should probably measure the gauge on the actual socks, to see if anything's changed from the gauge swatch.
The yarn, Filacolana Arwetta, is really soft and I think the colours are kinda cool, even though the pooling is a bit weird. Now I'm on the lookout for REAL self-striping yarn, as in will turn out stripy. I have actually bought a few packs of Kool Aid from, so I might try my hand on some self striping myself one day.

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