Saturday, August 28, 2010

A real apartment

I have bought an apartment!! I will be moving from our tiny student flat in the beginning of October, and will be living in twice the space..!

stue7 sov2
 Pictures from DanBolig realestate

I’m having a lot of ideas for decorating, and trying to keep sketches and notes to not forget anything, and to sort out my mind a little.

The first things I have purchased for the new place are a set of three keisler&fiedler bowls, and a set of lattecup and bowl from Hapilu/Pia Lund Hansen, both mentioned in a previous post.

keisler&fiedler  hapilu

And a cool retro coffee set, seen in BoligLiv and purchased at affär.

Picture from affär

I don’t know what the design is called, but I really like it. If you know, please tell me!

Friday, August 13, 2010

Kunsthåndværkermarked 2010

Today I went to The Crafts Fair at Copenhagen’s Frue Plads.

As I will be moving into a real appartment this fall, I was interested in looking for a few items, for example a teapot, tea cups, bowls, vases and so on.

These are a few of my favourites from today. Photos borrowed from the artists’ websites.

Hapilu by Pia Lund Hansen, ceramicspia lund 1  pia lund 2

I love her bowls and cups, and one day I’ll get one of the beautiful vases in white or black, or maybe a unika bowl.
I will probably buy a couple of cups and small bowls tomorrow.


keis&fiedler by Helene Keis and Jakob Fiedler, ceramics and jewelry

I will get a set of three bowls. My favourites are the matte white ones with glossy insides in black, green or yellow. 
Helene Keis is also making mussel painted earrings and brooches, which are beautiful and interesting.
I love the tall, lean vases as well, I would like one in yellow or black.


WAUW design by Maranke de Vos and Sussi Krull, glass and ceramics
The most BEAUTIFUL crystallized ceramic vases. I will never be able to choose one of these!!

I also like their Raw series, especially the light containers.


clibklap by Claire Maria Lehmann and Iben Harboe, ceramics
clibklap teaset
Lovely teapot, and their sugar container is so cute. They also had some pretty teacups.


Hygild by Leif Hygild and Helle Grangaard, ceramics
Japanese inspired tableware.


Lars Glad, jewelry
Pretty necklaces, my favorites where the ones with red string and either a cube or a heart. Unfortunately there are no photos of those on his website.


If you are in Copenhagen and would like to visit the fair, it is open tomorrow (Saturday 14th August) from 10-16.

I was fortunate that my mom wanted to give me a few items as a belated birthday present, so I’m going back tomorrow, if I’m able to choose from all of it.