Friday, July 18, 2008


I am devastated! I want to cry!! My lovely, kid mohair bolero felted in the wash! Wool cycle! Cold water!! How is this possible??!

I guess it's bound to happen to every knitter sooner or later, but I have always been really careful. I wore that thing A LOT :( Now it will probably fit a four year old, and as I don't know any four year old girls - I have no idea what to do with it...

It was so light. So soft!!

On the bright side - nothing happened to my second hand, one of a kind Japanese kimono, that was in the machine with the bolero. That would probably have turned my hair white on the spot.


  1. Hello Line!
    I read your comment on Ysolda's blog. You live in Copenhagen but you are originally from Oslo. That's perfect.
    I'm from Germany and I also would like to travel to Oslo by train this summer. I've searched the internet to figure out how much a ticket from Copenhagen to Oslo costs. But no way.
    So perhaps you could tell me the price? That would be very nice and helpful.

  2. Hi Heidi, I couldn't access your blogger profile, so I'll try and answer you here and hope that you'll come back...

    It's very difficult to find any info on train tickets from Copenhagen to Oslo, I have tried several times but have never managed to do it. It has something to do with travelling through Sweden and changing trains once or twice, I think.

    I usually go by bus, Sä - the price is 360 DKK one way (student price 290). If you buy tickets more than 24h in advance, it's a bit cheaper too.

    I'm going to the Tourist info in Copenhagen city this week, and I can try and ask them about train tickets!


  3. Thanks a lot, Line!!
    That's enough information. You don't need to ask about train tickets. If it's easier to go by bus, I will go by bus.
    You really have helped me a lot.
    Thank you.


  4. Så trist med boleroen din....