Sunday, May 31, 2009


I got "blocking wires" from the school's supply shop (I think it's called piano string, and is supposed to be stainless), and the Gnarled Oakwoods shawl for my Grandma is now finally blocking!

Since the shawl is so long, I had to fold it in half, but I think it works out okay. I might have to steam the middle a bit, if there is a fold.



              The wrong side is up on these pictures.

I think this is going to be SOOO pretty! The blocking really makes wonders.

I have to figure out some clever way to photograph the finished shawl...





I also finished the first Hap Blanket this week, it will be next in the blocking line. Unfortunately, I fell really hard for this blanket (and the colourway) while knitting it - I almost won't be able to part with it. But as we have plenty of blankets already, and it doesn't go with the colourscheme (-to be) in our apartment, I might as well give it away. It probably has something to do with me not knitting THAT many items as gifts before, and it should be a good sign that I like it so much, right?
I will knit one for myself ONE DAY, though...

               I started the second Hap Blanket, which I have decided to give to my Grandpa (he's in a wheelchair, and I think this blanket will be perfect for him), before I bound off the first. I forgot to take a photo before I picked up stitches for the edging, so it is a little wonky...


  1. Your oakwoods shawl is just beautiful! What a generous gift!

  2. Masse fint du har laget! Det røde sjalet ser lekkert ut :)