Sunday, May 10, 2009

Yarn overload(?)

As I just got my first paycheck in months, I had decided that I was going to spend a share of it on yarn. I have almost not bought any yarn, clothes or anything else fun since summer, because the world economic situation has been hard on the conversion rate from Norwegian to Danish currency, meaning that my living expenses has gone up quite a lot, and I’ve not had any money to spare. Also, I have been on a break from school since February, therefore not receiving any education support from the government.

I have been working full time since April, though, and that’s why I finally get to spend some money on yarn. And I DID spend quite a few hours last weekend organising my stash ;)

First, Lynghøjgaard is closing, and have 25% off or more in May.

I got Kauni Effekt (first time I’m trying it!) in three colourways, solid coloured Kauni 8/2 (100) in three different colours, 2 skeins of Noro Silk Garden Lite (first Noro), one for the Queen Anne scarf and one for the Quant entrelac headband, and one skein of Filcolana Merci, mentioned in my last post, to use for a baby vest.

Figos mor was recommended by a friend from the knitting café, and there was 50% off on some Rowan and HP/Løve yarns.

I got a ton of Rowan Summer Tweed in a few different colours, there ere mostly leftovers, but I got 8 skeins of Ghost (grayish white, LOVE it) that I might use for a Liesl by Ysolda. 3 skeins Raffia (light brown) and one of Oat (beige, the same colour, but not dye lot, as my Daylight yarn) - these go well together (stripes?), 2 skeins Denim (blue, this is really pretty) and Dew (light green, the colour is weird but cool), and enough Løve Heavy (bulky cotton/acrylic) for a cardigan or 2-3 baby sweaters.

And of course, just when I’ve ordered all this, I get a newsletter from Garnstudio/Drops, saying that they have 40% off on selected yarns all May… I will probably get some Vivaldi, at least, because I want to knit a new bolero, to replace the one that felted.

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