Wednesday, May 20, 2009

WIP Wednesday

Inderst inde

Finished the knitting on Friday, have about half a skein left over! Will bind off the shoulders and crochet a picot edge.

I haven’t decided whether there will be buttons on one shoulder or not. I really don’t have much baby-experience, and I don’t know if it’s really necessary. There aren’t buttons in the pattern, and most people don’t do them. I have knit both armholes the same height now, so I’ll probably just crochet some button loops if I decide on the buttons.

I thought about making a sun hat with the left over yarn, I have some same weight cotton yarn in plum that could be used for stripes. I’ll see how much time the other baby stuff takes, and what I want to make when the time comes.


Not very excited about this at the moment, but it’s coming along, slowly. I frogged the first 30 rows once – the perfectionist in me had to make a new plan for the increases, and I redrew the chart to be able to concentrate better on the knitting. The pattern has the front and back of all sizes on the same chart, so I had to think to much about where to work pattern sts or not…

Then I forgot some increases several times, and had to frog again. And again. But now I’ve finally passed the spot where I frogged the first time, so I’m starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel!

Hap blanket

Got Alaska yarn at the 40% off Drops spring sale to make a Hap Blanket for another baby. I love these colours together, they’re not “too baby”, but still suitable, I think. I hope a worsted wool blanket isn’t a bad gift for a June baby, it’s difficult to come up with summer baby projects, and I love this blanket. It will be big enough for quite a while though, so he will still be able to use it during winter.

The yarn is slightly lighter than recommended for the pattern, but hopefully it will turn out okay. If it does, and is fun, I’ll consider making another for a third baby.

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