Monday, March 09, 2009

Baby giraffe

After work yesterday, I got the chance to go see the tiny new giraffe, who was born on February 24. He almost didn't survive at first, but is now happy and healthy, although not fully in control of his legs yet ;)

Here he is with his mom, for scale...

The baby with the kid from last year.

He doesn't really need the tall doors that the other giraffes use, but he's the only one who's short enough to get to try and open them...

Had to lay down for a while.

So glad I got to see him before he grew too much :) He's sooo cute!
And I'm always amazed at how tall giraffes are in real life.

On the knitting front, a pair of plain ribbed knee socks for me. The storebought pair I have, are slowly wearing through on both heels, so I needed a new pair.

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